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The Doctor assembles an army and he and Rory infiltrate Demon's Run, an asteroid base, where Amy is held captive and the newborn child of she and Rory, Melody Pond, has been taken by the Eye Patch Lady, who is named Madame Kovarian. River Song refuses to join him, explaining that she cannot be there until the end, when he discovers her identity. The Doctor and Rory secure the base, free Amy, and take back Melody. The Doctor's allies discover that Melody contains both human and Time Lord DNA, a result of her being conceived on the TARDIS on Amy and Rory's wedding night ("The Big Bang"). As Rory and the rest of the Doctor's allies battle the Headless Monks, Kovarian informs that Doctor that she has tricked him, and he races to Amy and Melody, who he now understands is a Ganger duplicate. He arrives t...


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