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University President Seibert (Joshua Malina) invites the guys to a Saturday night fundraiser to raise money for the university's various departments. Everyone opts to go except Sheldon, who thinks fundraisers are degrading. Despite Seibert's insistence that he attend, Sheldon refuses to go, opting instead to do laundry like he does every Saturday night. At the party, Dr. Seibert introduces Leonard, Howard, and Raj to Mrs. Latham (Jessica Walter), a leading donor to the university. Mrs. Latham turns out to be quite the wisecracker, and takes pleasure in grilling the nervous guys. Back at Sheldon's apartment, Amy tries to convince Sheldon to go to the fundraiser, explaining that all scientists must fundraise. She finally succeeds when she tells Sheldon that if his friends are unconvincing and without hi...


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