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While shoe-shopping with Penny and Amy, Bernadette reveals that Howard and her have been invited to a double date by Priya. Amy suspects that Priya is trying to win over the weakest member of their social group, just as a cheetah attacks the weakest specimen in a herd of wildebeests. Therefore, she proposes to use Bernadette to spy on Priya and spread disinformation about Penny and Leonard. Bernadette is uncomfortable with lying, as she went to a catholic school, but nontheless goes along with the plan. When the four meet for dinner, Bernadette checks in via text message and Amy orders her to commence Operation "Priya Wouldn’t Wanna Be-ya". When Priya makes a snide remark about Penny's acting career, Penny and Amy order Bernadette to tell her and the others that Penny is on her way to Prague for a m...


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